Ch1 pg18


August 4th, 2011, 2:15 pm

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sorry im a noob at screen toning D'x

oh and from now on i'll try to upload one page every day until school's back x_x
leepanda, August 4th, 2011, 2:15 pm Reply
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woof! :D er srry for some reason i've been barking when im happy ._. i really hope i stop that when school starts x_x and yay a page everyday :DD what grade r u gonna be in? imma be a 8th grader ._____.
lol XD
oh and im gonna be a 10th grader ;;
AND IM 14 :O
Pff~ This manga is really Adorable. <3 Rofl.

"ARE YOU REALLY FROM EARTH?!" *instert sparkles here* //shot

OOH. AND I FILL IN THE GAP, I'm gonna be a. . . 9th grader. >:D //shot I'm a bit hyper, please excuse my hyperness. //shot again.
awwh haha thank you C:
and a 9th grader huh? are you nervous/excited/ect? (lol)

it's ok that you're hyper cause IM HIGH
-per too trolololol
I'm excited. 8DD Lololol. <3
why do i keep staring at the first panel!? *__* i sense something between them..Or Maybe it's just me who think that!!!:(

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