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August 15th, 2011, 4:52 pm

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Filler~~ last page for today ~~ (probably. lol)
leepanda, August 15th, 2011, 4:52 pm Reply
Advertisement, August 25th, 2019, 9:42 pm Reply

lol thanks u very much for the update attack :D and HURRAY FOR HUMAN AIRCRAFTS XD
O: MOOOOORE!!!!!!!!!!!! D: must...keep.......READING!!!!! D'X
o and awesome comic so far lol :3
@Dreamless Sleep: You're welcome! :3
@EmilyFS: i'll try to update more!! >.<
but.. but..but.. i only have a week left until school starts Q A Q
ughhhh T.T
Chibi Senichi is soo cute <3
thank you o 3 o
@leepanda: mines already started TT_TT and it sucks so far D':
@EmilyFS: nghh mine starts next monday D:
i hope this year will be good... my freshman year was horrible x_x
@leepanda: *sniffle* 8th grade sucks so far TT_TT i hate it sooooo much TT_TT....well, i just hate school period! >.< its nothing but a prison for youth! D'X
how much for Painting Tool SAI hey, you use painting tool SAI right??? how much does it cost? :3
@EmilyFS: aww its okay! just make the best out of it:)
and no, im not using Paint tool sai for this comic, but i do have the program and it's completely free^_^
@leepanda: ill try to go on...but it wont last very long :(...and its free??? for you.......? if free for like a month...then it tells you to buy the whole thing! D':
I love this! It's so funny!!! I think my fave character is Suu just because she's so random and excitable!!!!!! :D
@EmilyFS: Ehh?? Mine is completely free. i've had for over 3 months already :o

@AmyH: Ahh hearing that makes me so happy Q w Q
You'll know more about her soon hopefully when i can make updates T.T School is such a pain Q__Q fml
and thank you so much ; U ;
w-wat?!?!?!?! TT_TT @leepanda: SSSSSSSWAAAAAAAAAAAA?!?!!? D': so not fair!!!!! D"X i wish i had it for free......u got it from the home sight right??? (just checking..ik its a stupid question lol) <---- thats where i got it from at least lol....*goes sits in corner and wonders how she got it for free* TT_TT
what do u us?! @leepanda: ya, thats wat i did....but idk y its not free for meh Q_Q TT_TT.....but then again...wat do u use to make ur pics o:
@EmilyFS: im sorry :C
and umm i use adobe photoshop, paint tool sai, and sometimes MS Paint. But for this comic i just use Manga Studio :3
oooooooooo ok, ty! :D XD

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